April 2020 Tarot Forecast: Luck, Miracles + Love

I couldn't sleep last night. On top of everything that's been going on in my personal life, there was an uneasiness that I couldn't explain.  I wanted to tap into what kept me restless.  There are messages that needed to come out and some we've probably already heard before, some may be new or, it needs to be repeated as a reminder.  Depending on which part of the world we're from, some of us are completing a week, some of us are going on two weeks and for some, possibly even a month without going to school, work, the gym, visiting family and friends, etc.  COVID-19 has definitely interrupted our daily routines but it also allowed us to get creative and create new ones.  On day 4, I started writing what I wanted my day to look like, what tasks I could accomplish at what hour.  Even if I couldn't keep up with some, lost track or the urge to do a task, I would re-write it for the next day's schedule.  This helped me maintain my sanity and a clean, organized home.

Last night was different from the other nights.  I was conscious of my thoughts as I was supposedly sleeping.  Sometimes this happens to us when we're stressed, have an excess amount of anxiety and if we're overthinking about everything.  I could have meditated to let the thoughts dissolve but I just allowed my mind to race in circles until 5:45 a.m.  As soon as I woke up, I couldn't get myself to go back to bed no matter how hard I tried.  Usually, when I have a restless, anxiety-driven feeling, I always do my research and ask myself, 'Why do I feel like this today?'.  I always refer to astrology, the moon and also to my spirit guides to help me understand what is going on.  It was a good thing I did because, my emotions, way of thinking, even the physical aspect of my wellbeing made sense today. 

The Aries moon is bold and impulsive; squared up with Jupiter in Capricorn, this makes us feel impatient and frustrated.  The Aries moon wants things done now.  Can you feel the impatience? Because I can.  This urgency of getting things done now conflicts with our emotions as we internalize and logically tell ourselves what we want immediately may not happen any time soon.  It is far beyond our reach and beyond our control.  In order for us to cope with this angst, we need action, we need to move, we need to take it out on something else.  What better thing to do than work out.  After writing this blog, I have a power vinyasa I have in mind; you're more than welcome to try it as well!  (Click here for the link).  Personally, I love this video because Erin, the instructor of Five Parks Yoga has zero chill and she flows from one posture to the next without hesitation and soon as you think you can catch a break, you're wrong.  I promise you at the end of the session, you're going to feel so good that you can treat yourself to a pint of ice cream.  Because you deserve it. 

Forasmuch as I would like my old daily routine back, I have no control of what's in store in the next few weeks or months.  Since March is coming to an end, I was curious to know what's going to happen in April.  I wanted to ask my spirit guides if I could get a preview of what's coming.  Just as a forewarning: each tarot reader receives messages differently; therefore, each one has a unique message being conveyed from their own personal interpretation of their cards.  However, the cards have fallen, picked or whatever fashion they were extracted from the deck is a unique spiritual experience that is divinely guided.  So I shuffled and the cards fell out.  I won't go into detail which ones because my page of cups could be interpreted differently by another reader as something else.  According to my cards, this is how April 2020 is going to look like:

  • Our leaders are trying their best to fulfill our needs, appease our requests as we look to them for any support and guidance during this pandemic. 
  • We will have a stroke of luck when we least expect it.
  • There are a lot of emotions and sentiments that are being poured out and revealed.  The entire world is going through an emotional outcry because of the suffering we're all enduring together.
  • We are still blinded by the severity of the outbreak.  We are blinded in making our own personal decisions for ourselves because we feel as if we are tied up during this crisis.
  • The virus is not going anywhere anytime soon and it will take many obstacles to resolve the situation at hand.
  • The virus has the world divided into two ideologies.
  • The solution to the problem requires time, patience, money.  The solution is a miracle waiting to happen.
  • There will be a lot of indifference and the fight of ideologies on how to go about the issue will continue.
  • A leader will emerge who will lead the way to find a solution.  The leader will ask others to fight alongside him in this ongoing battle.
  • The good samaritans of the world will emerge and be the beacon of hope for the sick.
  • Families will continue to find solace and comfort in their homes.
  • Lovers will continue to show that the virus cannot stop love.  Couples will continue to get engaged, married, have children and raise families.  It is their time to show passion and resilience during this time.

This may seem likes old news, worse news or to some, maybe good news but however it is interpreted is totally up to you.  My only advice is to take things day by day and not to think too much about the future because we don't know what's going to happen.  I'm hoping for that stroke of luck, a miracle to happen and for love to prevail. 

Forever Namaste, L+M+A 





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