Tarot Horoscope for April

What's in the cards for each and every single one of you?  Here's what the cards are saying...

Aquarius - Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

You will be forced to make some wise decisions this month.  If you are a leader in your workplace or head of the household, you will be in charge of making a decision or calling the shots.  You cannot run away from the obstacles you face this month; they will come all at once but be prepared to face them.  Now is the time to study, hit the books and train your brain with information.  Knowledge is power!  A struggle you've been facing will come to an end very soon, be patient and it will happen.  Your dreams of a happy and healthy home are far yet possible; everything will work out on its own to get where you need to be.  Be wary of managing your finances, try not to get tricked by a male superior or patriarch when dealing with finances.  If you were wronged, justice is coming and is on your side.

Pisces - Feb. 19 to March 20

Emotions are heightened at home; you feel as if you're not going anywhere. Have faith that things will get better with the birth of a new day.  The sun is shining for you.  You're called upon to lead others to fight; whether you're working or not, others are looking at you for inspiration and hope to keep things moving forward.  Your bravery is seen through your armor.  A happily ever after is always dreamt about but far from reach right now, don't worry it'll happen.  Read directions and take precautions before taking flight or going on a journey.  It is ok to ask for help with finances; if others are asking you for monetary assistance, don't be so close-fisted and help those in need; it will come back to you tenfold.  Now is the time to try new ventures; you have all the time in the world.

Aries - March 21 to April 19

You're going to stumble upon a way to generate income; if you're struggling, don't worry aide is coming to you.  You're tired of what's on the news and the political solutions are not putting you at ease.  Try another source for getting information instead of your usual go-to.  You're torn between two decisions or possibly two different people; choose the one you can go the distance with.  The only one that can make things happen is you; no one is going to hold you by the hand or teach you the ropes.  What are you waiting for?  Just go for it.  A miracle or sign will come out of nowhere; be sure to accept it when it comes.  You have to remain optimistic and bright; you're the source of light for others. The reward for your emotional struggles are coming, you weren't forgotten.    

Taurus - April 20 to May 20

Keep radiating, glowing and shining! Everyone needs your brilliance during these dark times.  Watch your angles, especially your back.  There are people lurking and watching your every move.  There is possible backstabbing from colleagues, make sure you're always prepared to fight and defend yourself if there are any attacks.  You're in charge of your thrown but don't get tempted with money talk, a sweet deal can turn rotten.  Take some time to reconnect with childhood friends, they would be happy to hear from you.  If you're working at the moment, remain diligent; your fortune will only keep on growing.  If you're going through some struggles this month, a helping hand will be extended and you will get to your final destination.  Overall, this is a lucky month for you.  It's best you share this luck with others.    

Gemini - May 21 to June 20

Problems have been crowding your headspace and sometimes it'll keep you up at night.  Choose one that you can lay to rest and work on the others later.  Now isn't the time to lose any sleep over things you can't control.  Have you fallen and can't get back up?  A loved one or potential lover will save the day!  If you and your partner are planning for eternity (aka longterm) now is the time to discuss future plans ahead.  Your finances are dwindling a bit but have hope they'll recover soon! You will be rewarded for all the obstacles you're currently facing and will conquer. If there is a decision to be made, you are the only one who can decide; don't let the opinions of others sway you.  If you're thinking of leaving to go anywhere, you will be guided carefully and will reach your destination victoriously.  

Cancer - June 21to July 22

Decisions, decisions who should make them?  There is a dualistic approach to making decisions right now.  Your feminine side will rest her sword aside while your masculine side is ready to reach for his.  So many people are hurting financially and you're one of them, Cancer.  You feel left out in the cold, not knowing how you're going to survive in the next few months financially so you're holding onto your savings or emergency cash for dear life.  As long as you prioritize and re-evaluate where your finances are directed to, the grass is greener on the other side!  Now isn't the time to be foolish and start new ventures. If you already have something going on, just work on that and make it happen. Now is the time to get your project, idea or wherever you've put on hold to come to life.  If you're waiting for a stroke of luck, this is the month it's going to happen!  

Leo - July 23 to August 22

Your entire world has turned upside down but because of this, bright ideas come to mind.  At home, you're feeling like your options are slim. and nothing is being accomplished.  Although, stay optimistic and keep moving!  Your goals of having financial stability and family are going to materialize!  If you are coupled up, your romance will become even much closer.  If you are single, you will meet someone this month!  Just remain patient, he/she is on their way to sweep you off your feet!  If you're overwhelmed with emotions, pour it out until your crying reservoir is empty.  If you were wronged or mistreated, justice will be served.  Karma will guarantee you peace.  Protect your heart from three problems that pain you or the love triangle you're stuck in.    

Virgo - August 23 to Sept. 22

If you been waiting for something to reach its completion, it will definitely happen this month.  You've climbed so far, it's finally going to end.  Finally, you can breathe.  Don't worry too much about your finances, as long as you're being wise and not spending aimlessly on unnecessary things, you should be fine.  Now is the time to reconnect with people from your pasts and catch up.  If you're waiting for an offer, it's going to fall in your lap very soon.  If your partner and you are in the talks with moving forward, getting serious or future plans, the time is now to do so.  Putting your problems aside, especially one that has been plaguing your mind for a while will allow you to receive what you deserve.  Trust me, nothing is sweeter than a crown of victory.  

Libra - Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

You have decided your demeanor remains bright and optimistic this month.  You have three specific dilemmas, choices or options; all with different offers but you choose to ignore them right now.  You remain hopeful and continuously pray for your struggles to absolve.  You won't be easily swayed or satisfied by what's being fed in the media.  You will keep busy with acts of kindness and selflessly helping others by contributing your skills, expertise or talent by showing them how good of a samaritan you are.  Others are looking to you for financial help, now is the time to offer it, which you probably already have been doing.  You're a voice for others and make decisions for them; you've taken your leadership role to another level.  Although the normalcy of life is a bit far, you remain a happy and healthy home by taking care of your finances and your family.  

Scorpio - Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

You're torn amongst two worlds, two ways of thinking and two ideologies.  At times you don't know if you should remain positive or keep thinking negatively.  There is a constant battle with your heart and your mind.  Remember, you have the keys and you can unlock anything your heart desires.  If you're looking for some guidance with decision making, tap into your fiery side or ask an older masculine energy to share his wisdom.  Although stay away from the same masculine energy when it comes to money-making decisions.  If you're debating between two things or two people or trying new ventures, it's ok to try and see if you like it or not.  When it comes to problem-solving issues, now isn't the time; rest your sword aside and surrender your crown, it's time for you to just sit back and relax.  

Sagittarius - Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

Either during the waning or waxing crescent moon (the last two weeks of April), something you've been waiting to resolve or to end will finally happen.  Everything that you've lost hope for or whatever has been bothering you'll finally get answers for and it will make so much sense to you.  Your priority is to cultivate the home life; focus on the children (if you have any) and if you don't, focus on how you will raise your own children if and when you have them.  You're one of the lucky ones: you found a source of steady income, you're planning out how you're going to save, spend and give.  Giving is going to be difficult but you have to because this is a karmic deed.  Don't get greedy, don't take from others who offer, instead share what you can.  Now is the time to line up all your tasks or things and see how you can execute or donate them.  If there are material things that are bothering you, get rid of them.    

Capricorn - Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

Staying at home has revealed some domestic issues in which you and your loved one(s) are only discovering about each other right now.  You're blinded when it comes to making decisions; there are two major problems that you're forced to deal with.  Your feminine side wants to ignore them but your masculine side is ready to choose one over the other.  If you have children in the home, they're looking up to you for guidance and a sense of comfort.  Ensure you're giving them what they need instead of ignoring them.  Financially, you're doing fine.  But this story is different amongst others close to you.  If someone asks you for financial help, try and give what you can.  Plan out how you're going to manage your expenses in the next few months.  If you're thinking of trying something new, just do it, don't be scared to look like a fool.  


Our energies are all sacred. We must all acknowledge, respect + honor one another, living or non-living. We are all beings of different realms co-existing to aide one another in our own individual spiritual journeys. As a requester, you must be open + surrender with no bias, judgment or ridicule to the messages that will be transmitted to the reader for you. The messages are only to help heal + guide you spiritually; to be taken literally is your choice + responsibility. You must hold yourself full accountability of your decisions + actions and to assert no blame on others who have only tried to help + guide you with your spiritual journey. 

Forever Namaste, L+M+A

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