Blood Red Moon Spells during COVID-19's WHAT TO DO!

A friend of mine recently asked me if I knew of any spells to cast during a Red Moon.  I had to do some research before I could confidently give him one or a few.  First, let's explore what is a 'Red Moon'.

A total lunar eclipse is referred to as a Blood Moon due to the reddish hue the moon resonates when it is full and is completely eclipsed (obscured or blocked out light).  A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon travels through the Earth's darkest part of a shadow and blocks all light from illuminating the Moon's surface.  The very little amount of light that manages to reach the lunar surface of the moon from the Earth's atmosphere becomes a reddish glow.  

For 2020, we don't have any total lunar eclipses (although there will be one on May 26, 2021), we will have a few penumbral lunar eclipses instead.  A penumbral lunar eclipse is when the moon moves through the Earth's least dark area of its shadow.  This year, we have three upcoming penumbral eclipses:

June 5/6, 2020 known as the Strawberry Moon

July 4/5, 202 known as the Buck Moon 

November 29/30 known as the Beaver Moon

Now, back to the spell, my friend has requested.  Just as a precaution, any spell that you perform on a lunar eclipse is amplified and is quite powerful.  During the time of an eclipse, it is encouraged to perform spells of personal growth and development, increasing intuition and psychic ability, healing and honoring deities.  

Currently, the world is going through a global pandemic we all now know as COVID-19.  The world is at everyone's mercy for undivided support and healing. Here are two spells which I think, as healers, practitioners, ritualists, believers, optimists, lightworkers, etc. can help with:

Ancient Spell to Remove Viruses and Infections

You will need: Four coins

When: Saturdays - June 6th or July 5th (during the eclipse) This also doesn't have to be on the penumbral eclipse, you can do this on any regular Saturday.

What to do: Stand by a body of water (ocean, lake, beach, river, stream).  Rub the coins 9x counterclockwise with your hands.  Each time you rub, recite: "Leave, virus.  Pass into this coin as a token to part from this place.  The suffering must end."  Toss the coins one by one into the water reciting: "I sell this virus willingly to the healing waters to be transformed into fertilizing rain.  I ask no return."  Leave and do not look back.   

Mirror Spell for Reflecting Healing Energy 

You will need: A mirror on a table, glass of cold water, silver-colored candle, cinnamon oil, 1 teaspoon dried basil, 2 teaspoons dried rose petal, a small clear quartz crystal

When: Anytime

What to do

  • Think of an affirmation you want to share with the world.  e.g. 'I can help heal the world.'  Sit comfortably facing the mirror.  Place the glass of water and the candle directly in front of you then light the candle.  Put three drops of cinnamon oil into the water, followed by the basil and rose petals.  Lastly, place the quartz in the water.  
  • Look into the candle flame, pause, relax your mind.  Focus on the flame.  When you are ready, look into the mirror and into your eyes.  Chant your affirmation over and over.  Each time you chant, you will feel your energy vibrate more and more strongly within you.
  • Imagine a bright pink light radiating within and around your body.  The light is pulsing, growing and is being pushed out into the universe.  Do not stop until you feel like you've eliminated all negative thoughts and energies.
  • Tell yourself how grateful you are to have conducted this spell and blow out the candle.
  • The glass is now filled with your healing energy.  You can place the glass at your altar, bedside or anywhere you prefer.  The glass will continue to radiate your space with healing energy.  Throw away the contents in three days.

For those of us, including myself who are stuck at home (I'm going on Day 6) of social distancing, we can't forget to prioritize our mental and emotional self-care.  Since we have two spells that will take care of our Luna+Astrid aspect, here's what we can suggest for our Midas aspect:

5-Minute Daily Startup Ritual

You can choose one of the three or do all!

1. Wake up and stretch! (Yoga) Poses you can do without leaving your bed: child's pose, cobra, cat/cow, pigeon.

2. Sit with your legs crossed and close your eyes.  Inhale deeply and perform a body scan.  Is there anywhere that is in pain, feels off or that might need extra attention?

3. Mentally or physically write a schedule on how you want your day to go.  Take a moment to free your mind and accept anything that might change your plans.  Don't go too much into detail on how you'll finish your tasks but just accept they're on your list of things to complete. 

I hope this pretty much covers my friend's request on Red Moon Spells.  I hope everyone stays safe + healthy during this time.

Forever Namaste, 




Witchery by Juliet Diaz

The House Witch + The Witch's Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason


Please practice safely + responsibly. Be mindful of your surroundings. Do not harm yourself + other living + non-living beings. Be kind to Mother Earth as she safeguards our items after use. Most of all, believe in yourself + have faith that your energy will manifest what you truly desire.

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