Breastfeeding Counter Poses

Dear New Mama,

I recently just posted on our Instagram of the different breastfeeding counter poses a new mom (like yourself) can try on her own time when she's hands free of her newborn. If you can find some time, even 10 minutes between feedings, your baby's nap time or if someone like your spouse can watch your baby for you, give yourself time to relax and take a break. If you had just given birth but are not breastfeeding, these poses are also great shoulder and chest openers if you're always slumping, leaning over or carrying your baby for long periods of time. 

Why is this beneficial to you? We tend to hold a lot of stress in our upper back and shoulders, even before the baby (with typing, reading, writing, cooking). But now, with our baby present, it adds on more tension in this particular area of our body. If you give some time to relax and give this area of your body some love, you feel a boost in your mood, a quick recharge and alleviate some tension or pain.  

What you will need: a blanket, bolster (2 pillows from your bedroom or couch will do if you stack them or lay them accordingly) and a sleeping mask (if you have difficulty closing your eyes or relaxing).

Accompanying this short but sweet Savasana session is a recording i've narrated of Sona Dimidjian's (, 'Loving Kindness Meditation for Moms'.  If you prefer to listen to silence or a sound, song, or other meditation of your choice, you are more than welcome to do as you please, mama. 

So, find your space, lay down, relax and enjoy 10 minutes of 'me-time'. 


Joan from L+M+A


To listen to the recording click HERE.

To listen to a recommended meditative music to accompany your session click HERE

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