Ultimate Relaxation: Prenatal Supported Savasana

Namaste Mama, 

Savasana isn't just a pose (also known as corpse pose because you just lie down like a corpse) it's also a state of deep relaxation; it's the last part of your yoga practice. For some, Savasana only takes a few minutes (2-3 minutes) but for others it can be as long as 10 minutes. When you're a new mom, 10 minutes is sometimes all you have for your yoga practice, period. For a pregnant mom, Savasana can last for however long you want and sometimes it can lead to a nap. And, who doesn't like to take a nap?

Being pregnant shouldn't be the reason why you can't lie on your back and get into a deep state of relaxation. Uh-uh. There are so many other ways in which you can reap the benefits without having to compromise your pose. Savasana can be enjoyed in so many ways; but the best way is to be supported, with props, rather. Below is a chart I have created of the different poses you can choose from to enjoy your Savasana. As you can see, we went heavy on the props. Now, you don't need to go out of your way (you're busy enough already with being pregnant or having other kiddos) you can use the following props at home to mimic the poses: bedroom pillows, couch pillows or cushions, blankets, towels (to roll under your knees or support your neck if you don't have blocks), pregnancy pillow or foam roller. You can get creative with your props and see what you have in your home that's available to you already.  And to top it all off, if you have a sleeping mask, I suggest you wear one so your eyelids can relax; letting the entire body sink it your pose.

Once you have chosen your pose (you can play around with all or a couple) and gathered your props, locate a sacred and peaceful place you can practice this pose without getting distracted. And one more thing, you can listen to the Yoga Nidra I have recorded to accompany your Savasana session (link below). If you want to listen to something else, another meditation, a song or sound, please feel free to do so. Some mamas just want to lay in silence and there's nothing wrong with that.

So, if you have some spare time mama, and you're due for a rest and re-charge, now is the time to do so. When your baby arrives, you will have to be more strategic and creative to squeeze in some time for your Savasana. In the meantime, enjoy the 'calm before the storm'. 

Peace, love + light, 

Joan from L+M+A


Click HERE to listen to the Yoga Nidra Meditation to accompany your Savasana. 

If you want to buy props, here are some recommended brands + products:

Bolster: Manduka Englight Round Bolster, Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster

Yoga Blocks: Gaim Cork Blocks, Peace Yoga Cork Blocks

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