My TTC Journey

I've been contemplating for quite some time now when I was going to write again. I've been meaning and wanting to, but life happens and you lose track of time. Today, I tried my hardest not to lay on the couch and turn on the television to watch Hulu or Netflix. Today,I write my first blog post since my last one in February of this year. A lot has happened since then; I got a job, started teaching in-person yoga classes and I got pregnant. The latter is the biggest reason why I haven't done anything these past few months. But today, I had the energy and time to write about my TTC (trying to conceive) journey.

Getting pregnant was no accident. It was a planned. How confident was I about the plan? Super confident. I thought in my mind I was going to get pregnant instantly but I was wrong. Getting pregnant took a lot of research, coordinating, using the right methods, tools and techniques and most of all, timing. It's actually more complicated and is more of a science project. What may be simple for some of those who often say, "we weren't even trying" may be different for others such as myself who hope and pray that the next skipped menstruation cycle will deliver good news. I was obsessed with getting pregnant and started preparing mentally and physically in January of this year. 

In January, I stopped drinking coffee. I love coffee but I knew this wasn't healthy for me especially because I've become so dependent on in it to wake me up in the morning and the moment I sensed an inkling of tiredness, I needed to have it. I use to consume 2-3x a day and not think about how much money I've already spent at the coffee shops; I had several stamp cards and points. I started eating dairy to gain some fat because I was vegan for a few years. I also stopped taking my birth control and starting taking Ritual prenatal vitamins. I was taking birth control on and off for several years and was reaching two decades. I have been on several types of contraceptives such as pills, IUD and the patch. My mom also scared me saying that if i'm on it that long it could mess with my fertility. Speaking of infertility, there were also other rumors about the coronavirus vaccination causing infertility as well. I'm just going to be very straightforward: I am not an advocate for getting the vaccine nor am I against it because I believe each individual can make their own decision based on their beliefs and knowledge. I got the covid vaccine in March and two months later, I found out I was pregnant. I had my doubts and fears of getting the vaccine but I did my own research, called doctors, hospitals and even CDC and I made a decision to get it to protect myself and others who are vulnerable. I was still scared but I took that chance and I just wanted other women to know who are trying to conceive that it is still possible to get pregnant after getting vaccinated. If you're still skeptical and on the fence about it, talk to your doctor, call around, do your research and make a decision for you and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Now, where were we? Let's start with April, I was trying all sorts of things to speed up the process of getting pregnant. I was drinking fertility tea everyday, a friend recommended we use a special type of lubricant called pre-seed for my husband's swimmers to unite with the egg faster, and we were gifted a magical ovulation predictor kit called Mira. I'm not really going to get into so much details with how Mira works because you can read that for yourself on their website but it helped me track my menstruation cycle, our 'window of opportunity' of when are the exact days we could conceive and monitor my LH and Estrogen levels. The higher my LH and Estrogen levels were it meant it was a high chance of getting pregnant that very day. The tracker would also give you a score; 1/10 meaning it was a really low chance, 9/10 was a very high chance. In addition, because of my obsession, I also used a basal body thermometer as a second tool of making sure if it was a good day to conceive or not. I know, sounds crazy right? But when you're one year shy of what is called 'geriatric pregnancy' you're racing against your biological clock of when your eggs are rapidly depleting.  

After a couple months of trying, I found out I was pregnant at around five weeks. I was very persistent about tracking my period. A week after I skipped it, I tested right away. When I saw the faint second line of my pregnancy test, I still had my doubts and thought it could be a false positive so I bought other brands of tests to make sure. I tested for an entire week just to make sure and then I called my OBGYN to schedule an appointment to confirm the pregnancy. During my first appointment I didn't know we were going to have an ultrasound right then and there. When I saw the fetus for the first time on the screen and heard a heartbeat, I almost cried. I didn't expect it to happen that fast after just a few months of TTC. To be honest because of my age, the scary rumors about the vaccine and the possible stress from overthinking about so many things, I thought it was going to take much longer. I can't complain and I am truly blessed to have gotten pregnant in a short amount of time.  

Whether you've been trying for several months or several years, each woman's TTC journey is different. Even sharing my story on this platform makes me feel like i'm boasting but I just wanted to share how each of us have different experiences and what were the efforts made to get pregnant. I also think to myself that although this time around was not as difficult as I thought, it could be otherwise for my next pregnancy if it ever happens. There are always the 'what ifs' that I worry about but all I know is for this present time, I can only be grateful and count my blessings. I am so hopeful to the resilient women who continue to try for months and years; their passion and dedication is insurmountable and is an inspiration for someone such as myself.  

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