Summoning Hecate: Face your fears + Free yourself

In five days, the skies will illuminate us with a New Moon.  As we entered the last quarter on Tuesday, the time of the Waning Moon will keep us busy by continuously having us think over what we can release in preparation for a new beginning.  Who better than to help us but Hecate, Dark Mother and Greek Goddess of the Underworld.  I know she seems a bit scary but she's actually one of my favorite goddesses.  Personally, she sounds more powerful than frightening.  And, dogs LOVE her (which is why she's extra lovable)! According to myth, one of her animal familiars is a black female dog who was actually the former Trojan Queen Hekabe who jumped into the sea after the fall of Troy.  Summoning the power of Hecate will give us the power to seek justice for ourselves, clearing any blockages and give us the strength to end any love affairs that are detrimental.  

Initially, Hecate ruled over the realms of the earth and fertility rituals. She was the goddess of childbirth and watched over maidens who just hit puberty.  A familiar story is that of Persephone's abduction by her uncle, Hades.  Hecate assisted Demeter by guiding her to the underworld to get her daughter back. As time passed, Hecate evolved into the goddess of magic and sorcery and finally became the goddess of ghosts and the Underworld.  If someone needed help to navigate the dark realm, you can count on your girl, Hecate.  Summoning Hecate should not be taken lightly, but with extreme precaution.  In other words, don't call on her to help you if your level of seriousness is not at its utmost high.  Hecate does not fuck around.  

How do you know if your struggles are of importance, enough to call upon the aide of the Mother of the Underworld?  Here are a few hurdles you can conquer with her help.  

Facing your own darkness - if you are feeling lost or afraid

What you need: 

  • Two purple candles

When to do the ritual:

  • At night

What to do:

  • Find a secluded place in nature (somewhere you frequent and find safe) or at an actual crossroads.  
  • Light one candle and hold it with your left hand.  Light the second candle from the flame of the other candle.  
  • Walk in a circle three times and let the torches illuminate your path.  
  • Be mindful of your surroundings - do you hear any sounds from wildlife?  Do you feel the earth and grass beneath your feet?  Are you scared of something at the moment?  
  • Allow Hecate's wisdom to empower you and grant you the courage to overcome life's most difficult obstacles.

Your most challenging obstacles could be a multitude of things.  What makes it difficult is our mindset.  No one but ourselves created these challenges and we can make it simpler or best, get rid of them altogether and not have to worry about it again.  Now that you have the empowerment from Hecate, you can begin to slowly eliminate, cleanse and start a new beginning.

Uncrossing - a rite of cleansing and releasing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages.

When to do the ritual: During the Waning Moon (from now until April 21st)

What you need: 

  • Sea salt
  • Combination of herbs: hyssop, lavender, rue, vervain, St. John's wort or sage (if you don't have it in herb form, essential oils can work)
  • White candle
  • Olive oil

What to do: 

  • Draw a bath and add in sea salt and the combination of herbs or essential oils of your choice.
  • While you bathe, imagine your body and psyche releasing all its impurities.  Stay for as long as you need to.  When you're ready to get out, visualize obstacles dissolving as the water drains.   
  • After the bath, walk throughout your home and burn any of the herbs you put in the tub.  
  • Cast a circle, carve your name and a cross on the white candle.
  • Anoint the candle with olive oil and light it.
  • Out loud or to yourself, ask for all negative energy to be released and sent down to Mother Earth.  Let the candle burn all the way and blow it out at the end.

Separation - when love affairs must come to an end

When to do the ritual: this Saturday, April 18 during the night of the Waning Moon.

What you need: 

  • Two brown candles
  • Something to tie the candles together (string, rope, twine, etc.)
  • Herb of heather
  • White sage

What to do:

  • Carve your name and the symbol of Saturn into your brown candle and do the same with your other candle but with your partner's name.  
  • Place the candles on the altar close together so they're touching.  Tie the candles together with string.  
  • For seven days, loosen the knot, separating the candles and moving them to opposite side of the altar.
  • On the 7th day, rub olive oil and the herb of heather on the candles, and light them both.  
  • Recite: "The bond has changed between (your name) and (name of your partner).  We now depart on separate roads, holding respect for lessons learned.  So mote it be."
  • Let the candles and string burn down, dispose and burn a cleansing herb (I recommend white sage) of your choice to purify. 

It seems like you'll be busy for the rest of the week if you choose to do the cleansing rituals with the empowerment of Hecate on your side.  In preparation for the New Moon and May just a few weeks away, use this time to do some internal cleansing.  You can do this, I believe in you, Hecate believes in you and most of all, believe in yourself.  You can conquer anything you put your heart and soul into.  


The Spells Deck by Cat Cabral

Please practice safely + responsibly. Be mindful of your surroundings. Do not harm yourself + other living + non-living beings. Be kind to Mother Earth as she safeguards our items after use. Most of all, believe in yourself + have faith that your energy will manifest what you truly desire.

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