L+M+A's Blog

  • A Tribute to Gaia: Footscrubs + Meditation

    To celebrate Earth Day, let's honor the mother we all share, Gaia.  We have the perfect grounding footscrub recipe to treat yourself before, during, or after our tribute meditation to Mother Earth.
  • Earth Day Guided Meditation

    Register & join us for a short 30 minutes guided meditation honoring Mother Earth on April 22, 2020.
  • Summoning Hecate: Face your fears + Free yourself

    Summon the Dark Mother of the Underworld to help you free internal blockages and say, "Boy, bye!" to a partner that needs to go.
  • Pretty in Pink: Full Supermoon

    This past supermoon tickled us pink.  Find out more ways to use your rose quartz and how to find love on the next moon phase!
  • Tarot Horoscope for April

    What's happening for you this month based on your zodiac sign?  Find out to read more!
  • Self-care Saturday: Shine Bright

    Trust yourself to do what's best for you.  A quick read on self-care and short meditation ritual on shining your light!
  • April 2020 Tarot Forecast: Luck, Miracles + Love

    Luck is in the cards.  Miracles do happen.  Love will conquer all.
  • The Ostara Makeover: A labyrinth, a broomstick and hot chocolate!

    Find your way out of the labyrinth; once you step in, there's no turning back!  Why is a broomstick the best spring cleaning tool? Hot chocolate isn't just to warm you up during the cold, it's the easter bunny's favorite treat.
  • Blood Red Moon Spells during COVID-19 outbreak...here's WHAT TO DO!

    What is a Red Moon?  What spells can we do on a Red Moon? "I'm on Day 6 of social distancing and working from home...how do I keep sane?" Here's what to do.