New Baby + New Nursery Set Pre-Order
New Baby + New Nursery Set Pre-Order

New Baby + New Nursery Set Pre-Order

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If you're currently expecting or just recently gave birth, consider your baby's nursery their sacred space. This is where they spend the most time to be nourished and taken care of by you. The energy of the nursery should be filled with love, good vibes, and pure intentions. Cleanse their space with our NEW Nursery Smudge Set. For the holidays only and as a limited-time offer, the set is paired with our baby blessing sachet. You will also receive a free gift, a handmade macrame rainbow to clip on your baby's bag!

What's inside the Nursery + Smudge Set:

1. Palo santo - burn to ward off evil spirits or bad energy. 

2. White sage smudge - burn to block negative energy and aid with insomnia.

3. Mini goose feather fan - used to fan the smoke to spread while burning the palo santo and sage. 

4. Rose quartz tumble stone - to form a strong bond between you and your baby.

5. Mini selenite wand - brings good luck and protection for your baby.

For instructions on how to use Baby Blessing Sachet, please click HERE.

Please be careful where you choose to place your kit, please place preferably in far reach from children and pets. Keep away from children and pets' reach. Do not ingest.

 This item will ship out from the end of November to the beginning of December 2021. Due to the holiday season, allow 7-10 business days to receive your purchase. This is a limited-time offer and only will be sold while supplies last.