Pre + Postnatal Affirmation Card DIY Kit
Pre + Postnatal Affirmation Card DIY Kit

Pre + Postnatal Affirmation Card DIY Kit

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Our pre + postnatal affirmation cards encourage positivity in so many aspects during your pregnancy, before giving birth + after. Our cards inspire calmness, confidence, beauty + strength during your journey in pregnancy + motherhood. We hope our cards will leave you feeling more peaceful, in a state of serenity + clarity; most importantly, more connected with yourself + your baby.  

Our affirmation cards are available in two options:

1. Downloadable PDF format that will be sent to your email after purchase. The paper size for this PDF is 8.5 x 11" landscape. 

2. DIY Kit which includes: 4 sets of affirmations printed on cardstock + 4 self-laminating sheets. (All you need are a pair of scissors.)

If you have chosen the PDF format, you can simply print them at home on your computer + cut them with scissors or a paper cutter. You can also print them at your nearby FedEx or Office Max/Depot.  Cardstock paper is recommended but you are more than welcome to use any 8.5" x 11" paper material.  

There are 32 affirmations printed on each card. Try pulling anytime in the morning, before bed, when you need to set an intention for your practice, etc. You can even use your affirmations as reminders, placing them on your refrigerator, office desk, computer or laptop, mirror, wherever + whenever you need a boost of positivity!